Evoke Services

Evoke Business Coaching

  • Evoke Essentials our 5 day year long programme to turn your life and your business around
  • Individual coaching for you and your people

Business may be based on processes, but it is people who drive them - up or down.  Evoke delivers a range of skills that make any enterprise effective by focussing on the interpersonal relationships within

Evoke Financial Planning 

Irene has recently retired as a CFP but is still available for a no nonsense chat - she knows people who will give:

  • Advice you can trust
  • An unbiased opinion on all your financial questions
  • Review and understand your Trust and Wills
  • Financial Checkup - investments, insurance, Kiwisaver
  • Retirement plans - Can I afford to retire?
  • Charitable Trusts

We do not place investments nor take commissions or referral fees. Our fees are hourly (only for the time we are with you).

Evoke Tours

  • Bringing together entrepreneurs
  • Sharing ideas from their industries/professions
  • Pursuing a common passion for the outdoors
  • Enjoying networking in a relaxed atmosphere
  • Create new knowledge, skills attitudes and habits

Evoke Communication

  • How to meet the media
  • Use the camera and microphone as tools to best effect
  • Make your relationship with the media work

Evoke Wellbeing

  • Understand the rhythms of your workforce - daily, yearly, and lifelong
  • Gain insight on the impact of health on your business

Evoke Career Pathways

  • Career crossroads - which way to turn?
  • Apply your skills and abilities more effectively
  • Use your unique skills to generate wealth
  • Clarify your vision for your future
  • Create a specific action plan for success

Complete Confidentiality