Irene Durham (Principal)

A driving force for business excellence

When people tell you Irene Durham is a great business consultant, they point to the proof - she was NZ Business Woman of the Year in 1998. Not without reason. Her career and international work is its own testament to outstanding skills in business strategy and development.

As a director of Evoke, Irene adds her own pragmatic and winning focus to the founding Evoke principle - the unique blend of refocusing both people and process at the same time. Her background and skills are a substantial asset to Evoke, and to its clients. She is one of the few financial planners in New Zealand who hold industry certification above their other credentials. She is a property investor, a business mentor, and herself a company owner and director.

- Bachelor of Business Management
- Dip. Business Studies
- Certified Strategic Business Coaching. Canada
- Certified Financial Planner (international)

Irene's work now spans legal, financial and strategic planning for commercial clients, both local and international. She trails success, achievements, and awards behind her as she moves.

Complementing her Business Woman of the Year, she was also a founding member and chair of AdvisorGroup NZ, and is an associate adviser with other leading business organisations. She is regarded today as a driving force for excellence in the financial planning and business strategy arenas.

Irene is a traveller, a voracious reader, and a strong advocate of innovation, of self-belief, and of simply getting out and doing it. She has certainly put that into practice in her own professional career. She knows exactly how to help others reinvent their businesses to achieve the same, and to keep achieving it year after year.
"My personal observations about how she runs a business and how she looks after her clients, makes me believe that she is probably one of the most professional people that I have ever dealt with. I would have no hesitation in recommending her to any business to help them develop a professional and dynamic business future."
 ... Ray Miles - Managing Director, Associated Planners