Dr Jim McLeod (Principal)

Dr Jim McLeod channels his significant impetus and energy into keeping the wheels of New Zealand industry turning. One of the first to recognise the benefits to company productivity of sound workplace health management systems, his skills and knowledge have now become well respected and acknowledged in their implementation.

Qualified and experienced in medicine, with postgraduate diplomas in a range of specific health areas, Jim targets his extensive knowledge of occupational health and safety strategies at New Zealand industry and commerce, offering advice and management solutions to improve standards and raise profitability.

With programmes encompassing general health management, pre-employment screening, injury management, rehabilitation and staff education, the results of his expertise have been dramatic.

In collaboration with such corporate clients as The New Zealand Refinery Company, Shell New Zealand and Fonterra, systems have been implemented that ensure accurate and cost effective management of work-related health issues.

A powerful boost to any company's productivity, Dr Jim's momentum flows well beyond his professional life to his family and community. The movie screen, diving and marine pursuits are his passionate interests, but he's also the father of four and a volunteer for the local fire brigade. You just can't keep a good man down!

A charismatic conference and seminar speaker, Jim delivers his powerful stress management presentations and high level of expertise with colour and impact. He's a valuable player on any team and makes a rich, holistic and well-rounded contribution as a director of Evoke.

- Bachelor of Surgery
- Bachelor of Medicine
- Certified Basic Hyperbaric Medicine (diving)
- Certified Teaching
- Dip. Occupational Health Practice
- Dip. Occupational Medicine

"Excellent, informative, relevant.
Excellent audience contact, and demonstrated skills and knowledge in subject.
Animated, informative, generated ideas.
... various Conferenz delegates