Jennifer Ross (Associate)

As often as not when New Zealand business and media want to talk to an expert in the career guidance and training arena, they end up talking to Evoke associate Jennifer Ross. She's made that sort of name for herself in her chosen field.

Originally a teacher, Jennifer soon discovered a deeper talent - not only the ability to teach with impact, but the depth to understand the drivers that make teaching effective. She was quickly given greater planning and supervision responsibilities, but ultimately left the constraints of the classroom altogether to operate in the wider context of business and commerce.

- Bachelor of Arts
- Dip. Guidance & Counselling
- Saville & Holdsworth Psychological Assesment
- Dip. Teaching
- Certified Journalism    

As a career adviser with the Labour Department she quickly found herself designing new initiatives for clients and new training programs for staff. Since then, she has operated as a consultant to the commercial world, providing services from individual career guidance to the design of corporate programmes.

She has tutored NZIM programmes in Human Resource Management, developed her own programmes for coaching managers, and been seconded to Massey University as Associate Lecturer for the Postgraduate Diploma in Guidance & Counselling.

This work has embraced far more than just career development. Public relations has also been a visible aspect of her work - stimulating media interest for client companies, providing articles on career management to publications such as Next and More, and being quoted by both print and radio as an expert in the careers field. She is passionate about keeping up with current thinking in her field. Her masters work includes research on the application of cutting edge career concepts for executives.

A skilled communicator who delivers productive programmes for change, Jennifer Ross brings a unique focus to Evoke and its clients. She empowers them to see their own potential and to set and achieve the goals they need to make it a reality. And in doing so, she inspires them too, with her own unending enthusiasm and energy.

    "I came away after each session with Jennifer feeling excited, inspired and installed with confidence that I could achieve my goal in working with my passions. Jennifer was energising and full of enthusiasm which was particularly infectious. It was a lot of fun working with her."  ... Annemarie Malcon - Client Relations Manager, Rutherford Rede