The Programme

develop the groundwork

  • Redefine time - rejuvenate yourself and your business
  • Break barriers to effectiveness - clear framework with a simple structure
  • Focus, energy and motivation with a phenomenal peer group
  • Create new knowledge, skills, attitudes and habits
  • Best results in all areas of your life. Tools for making strategies effective

develop you and your team

  • Recruitment - master the art
  • Identify, recognise and harness your own and your team's skills
  • Recognise the natural ceilings
  • The Evoke Planner - our unique approach to the entrepreneurial diary
  • High level of team confidence - appreciating differences

the quantum leap

  • Achieve the impossible - do the how
  • Multiply your effectiveness by 10
  • The largest return - dramatic increase in focus, dramatic increase in profits
  • The Evoke mindset - do what you never thought possible
  • Return on Investment - make it matter

face yourself

  • Turn negative situations into powerful, positive learning experiences
  • Be honest with yourself - what did and didn't work?
  • People perspective - how to master conflict
  • Focus on the things that have the biggest impact on your life
  • Integrate simplicity - turn your life and your business around

face your future

  • How big is your future? How big do you want it to be? Get clarity
  • Create your client's future, by keeping them constantly in the forefront of your mind for referrals
  • E Factor question - what is it and why does it matter?
  • Simplify your thinking - focus on the really important things in your personal and professional life - bring these back into balance.

Register now:

The workshop is presented by Irene Durham with Jim McLeod.

Phone Irene Durham +64 (0) 21 888 379 or email to register your interest.

Any business owner, manager or decision maker will benefit from the 5 day Evoke Essentials programme. We also believe that a special genus of business person takes particular benefit from this programme:

You are a successful entrepreneur, owner or manager and who is absolutely growth oriented. Most important of all, you are willing and able to make the investment and commitment in yourself to the Essentials Programme.

We look forward to your registration. And we'd be delighted to have you refer this opportunity to other suitable entrepreneurs or entrepreneurs in the making.

Please call or email us if you would like to make an appointment to discuss the programme personally.

The very name of Evoke  captures the essence of Irene and Jim's belief in people-driven processes as a path to success. Evoke combines both the pragmatic development of business practice and the personal development of those who drive it. It's a winning formula. Irene and Jim know not only how to make business enterprises a success, but also how to make people generate that success from within themselves.

Evoke enables businesses to revolutionise themselves.