Evoke Essential Workshops

A 5 Day year long programme that will turn your life & your Business around

The Evoke Essentials Programme is an intensive two day workshop  followed by three one day sessions in 90 days apart.

'Evoke Essentials; will take you on a journey to discover the dramatic potential of both you and your enterprise. This is not a looking glass fairy tale philosophy. It is pure commercial pragmatism put to practice through proven systems.

Daily sessions lead you, stage by stage, through every aspect of individual and professional success. They provide you with the hands-on tools to allow change and growth - the constant factors of your success. Special evening sessions add to that learning and teach you other specific skills.

It's full on and fun.

And we warn you - it's revolutionary and the results are immediate. From the very next Monday, you and your business may never be the same again.

Programme Data

When:           2 full days - dates by arrangement

Where:          Albany Lodge

Cost:             $4,995 + GST

Sessions:       8am - 5pm daily (plus evening session)

Followed by:   3 full days 90 days apart